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Why you should ski after the Canadian winter dream - The Great White North

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

So, we have all heard about the great American dream but what about the winter dreams that lie further up - The Great White North.

Known as ‘Canada’, The Great White North is home to some of the worlds renowned top ski resorts, it is every skier and snowboarder’s powder paradise. It is also a country that always seems to find itself up consistently in the top 10 destinations list. Whether it be for its incredibly vast nature, unbeatable powder and road trips alongside monumental mountains – The Great White North has it all!

Whether you are a beginner or expert ski bunny, Canada’s slopes provide an endless supply of fresh powder, ski bowls, head off-piste and black runs allowing you to test the limits higher up in northern altitude.

So, if you are wanting to ride out the longest run there is, doing a ski season for most people is a life-changing experience let alone the best way to get a whole lot of apres skiing in. Not to mention you will quickly find out the legend of Canadians being the friendliest of them all is no urban legend indeed.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself adopting the Canadian way of life earlier than you expected - I know I did. After all, Canada is a country that is incredibly diverse and open.

Having said all this, The Great White North in spoiling you with choices of some of the world’s best ski resorts can be overwhelming upon deciding the right resort, ski culture and terrain for you. I have outlined the top 3 ski resorts whether you are embarking on your first or 10th ski season, Canada’s powder will sure not to disappoint you.

1. Whistler

Whistler is known as the Canadian’s legendary stoke central for pow and born to some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the country. Home to one of the best apres, it is a vibrant place bustling and oozing with skiers stoke aka party central. Not to mention it is North Americas largest ski resort with 8,171 acres meaning it offers more varied terrain than any other resort. Whistler also provides backcountry access to Spearhead which takes you in a loop, along the way you'll find yourself a cosy hut to camp the night with no prior reservations needed - just rock up!

2. Banff

We have all seen Banff saturating our Instagram feeds, it’s no wonder with Mt. Assiniboine prized as Canada’s most iconic national statement. The great thing about Banff is it offers three resorts in the local vicinity – it would be tough to get bored here! The snow is less abundant than Whistler but the powder is wonderfully dry. Be sure to pack layers as temperatures are far more-colder than in the west.

3. Big White

If you are searching for the best champagne powder and ski bowls, look no further as Big White offers its legendary Okanagan champagne powder. You can ride alongside their infamous snow ghosts adding a mystifying touch to the snowscape. As a family resort, Big White offers a more mountain community vibe making it easy to meet people and with Kelowna town being a 25-min drive away it offers an escape from the mountain life when needed. Although not as big as the other two resorts, it offers enough to keep skiers and snowboarders strapped in to explore its varied terrain and buzzing tree lines.

Hot tip: Min wage is higher in Alberta than British Columbia and taxes are lower.

There’s nothing more enticing than riding some of the world’s best ski resorts for the long haul, topping off a day on the slopes with Canadian poutine and mulled wine with your shredding crew. Although the northern hemisphere is closer to Santa, it may seem a long way away from home, ski seasons are the ultimate social hub so rest assured you will always make friends for life!

But if you're just looking for a short and sweet trip to get a taste of all 10 resort wonders, recreational vehicles are big for ski trips - Vancouver to Calgary being the most favoured route. You may even be able to relax in a natural hot spring or two along the way to keep you shredding.

With Canada offering scenery that is enough to make your jaw drop from high altitudes carving up slopes with the wind in your hair, will take your breath away. But most importantly the Canadian winter snowscape is something that is a once in a lifetime experience – a magical winter phenomenon not to be missed!

So, what are you waiting for? The mountains are calling!

By Marika Suzuki

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