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I've recently hit 23 countries at 23yrs old and counting!


Welcome to my adventure blog Honest Explorer; a no filter honest and playful space filled with stories of my solo travel mishaps and adventures.  


With a flight attendant mother combined with my biracial background (German and Japanese), it was inevitable my love for exploration would only continue to grow.

Let's just say I learnt to fly before I could crawl. 


With the narrative of my life becoming a constant shift between countries - an expat. I developed a deep love, appreciation and understanding for the world, people, culture and of course travel. 

My passions lie in not only travel but female empowerment within the travel realm alongside outdoor extreme sports!

I hope this blog will promote global unity, spark curiosity, grow connectivity and inspire change in your life through a new lens on the world.

As Einstein once said, "I have no special talents I am just passionately curious".


So just remember to let curiosity guide you into the unknown because in the end we always gain something!

I know I did.

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Hello, I'm Marika!

freelance travel blogger

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